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Dental Services for Children in Brewster, NY

Just like adults, kids need regular teeth cleanings to prevent cavities and other painful problems from occurring. Tooth decay is one of the most common chronic conditions that children have. About one in five children between the ages of 5 and 11 have at least one untreated cavity, and 13% of teenagers between the ages of 12 and 19 have at least one tooth with dental decay. If left untreated, tooth decay can cause pain and infection that may lead to problems with eating, speaking, and the ability to focus on schoolwork.

Fortunately, tooth decay is preventable. Our pediatric dentists in Brewster look forward to working with you to keep your child’s smile healthy and beautiful. Here are some of the dental treatments for children that we provide:

Teeth Cleanings for Children:

Our experienced pediatric dentists and hygienists will gently remove cavity-causing plaque from your child’s teeth.

Topical Fluoride:

Fluoride is often called nature’s cavity fighter. It strengthens the surface of teeth to make them more resistant to decay.

Dental Sealants:

Our pediatric dentist in Brewster can apply a thin plastic resin coating on your child’s back teeth. That seals the little grooves on the chewing surfaces of those teeth so food particles and bacteria can’t get trapped. A sealed tooth is far less likely to develop a cavity, which can save your child from developing a toothache and needing more extensive treatment like a filling or crown. Best of all, sealants are painless, and they can last for years.


Our pediatric dentists offer tooth-colored fillings to repair damage caused by a cavity.


Tooth-colored bonding materials can repair chips and small fractures to front teeth.

Root Canal Treatment:

Just like adults, some children may need a root canal to save a tooth that has been damaged by an injury or severe decay. Often called a “baby root canal,” the formal name for removing the entire pulp material from a baby tooth is called a pulpectomy. If just the top part of the pulp chamber is removed, but not the nerves in the roots, then it’s called a pulpotomy. After either procedure, the pediatric dentist will place a crown on top of the tooth to protect it.

Pediatric Crowns:

If your child has a cavity too large for a filling, or has had a tooth break or crack, then our pediatric dentist can place a tooth-colored crown to protect the tooth. The dentist will also place a crown on teeth that have been saved through root canal treatment. We typically don’t want to pull a baby tooth unless it’s near the time it would fall out naturally.

Space Maintainers:

If your child loses a baby tooth due to an accident, dental decay, or another reason, then our pediatric dentist may place a space maintainer in the child’s mouth. Space maintainers keep the space open so the permanent tooth has room to come in. They can also help with pre-orthodontic treatment.


If your child plays sports, then a mouthguard is highly recommended. The American Dental Association recommends people wear mouthguards for dozens of athletic activities including basketball, football, boxing, skateboarding, martial arts, field hockey, gymnastics, and wrestling. While you can purchase a boil-and-bite mouthguard at most sports stores, our pediatric dentists can create a custom-made mouthguard that will be more comfortable and better protect your child’s teeth. And while some kids may complain about wearing it, just remind them what it would be like to have a tooth knocked out.

Emergency Dental Services for Children:

If you child chips a tooth, knocks a tooth loose, or knocks a tooth completely out, call our Kids Family Dental office for help. READ MORE

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Friendly and professional staff; clean office, on time for appointment, recommended highly. Lili is great dental hygienist %&
Nino K.
You cannot go wrong if Dr. Brown is your dentist! He is absolutely amazing. Patient, kind, and truly wants what is best for the kids he sees. My son is timid and gets nervous easily, but Dr Brown […]
The staff are amazing. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. The one place to bring kids.
Stanley M.
This place is by far the best dental office. Such wonderful staff and Dr. Joe Debiase is excellent. I highly recommend this office to anyone.
Alaetra W.
This office is absolutely, hands down the best place to bring children. My sons Ethan and Sean love it here, and this mom couldn’t be happier. Dr. Brown and his staff are amazing with my kids. […]
Christina D.
Absolutely wonderful experience, every single time! Doctors, hygienists, receptionists, always smiling! Staff genuinely care about their patients and the kid friendly office is warm and relaxing! A+ […]
Melissa G.
Highly recommend Kids family dental . All are so very friendly .
Two of my children go here and the staff has gone above and beyond both times! We have had horrible experiences with dentists and let me tell you…the dentists here are absolutely amazing. […]
Rae S.
This is a wonderful practice to bring children. My 20 month old, Sebastian meet Dr. Joseph DeBiase for his first dental visit. Dr. DeBiase was excellent at putting my little one at ease and making […]
Ny C.
Me and my sister makayla love Dr. joe! Everyone is friendly and my mom loves the practice
Gabriella T.
My family and I always have an amazing experience here! Dr. Brown is so kind and everyone is very kind and friendly! Hands down the best dentist my family and I have ever encountered! :))
Sierra S.
Great doctors nurses and overall practice, very clean and so geared towards kids which made our little girls experience a lot of fun she loved Dr Brown and everyone was so nice she will be looking […]
Caroline C.
Amazing work dentist and staff apply my needs very well love it there ❤
Gloria S.
Nice office, wonderful and caring staff!!!!! $$
Lisa P.
Great staff!!!! My kids are VERY comfortable coming here Dr.Brown is awesome with kids, I love bringing my children here.
Josbeltys P.
Dr. Brown was excellent. Very knowledgeable and patient in explaining everything.
Devin D.
Dr. Debiase and the Staff was Great !!! This was awesome for my brother and sister they love it it’s super quick and easy too this is great
Anthony S.
Great experience!! Dr. Joe is great, both of his assistants are amazing with the kids as well. So glad we found this practice!
Sarah M.
Love this practice. All the staff is friendly and helpful. The environment is clean and kid friendly, making it more inviting rather than intimidating. So far it’s been a good experience for my […]
Barbara D.
This office is absolutely, hands down the best place to bring children. My sons Ethan and Sean love it here, and this mom couldn’t be happier. Dr. Brown and his staff are amazing with my kids. […]
Christina D.
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